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A closer look on Bitcoin scripts

sknab rof tuoliab dnoces fo knirb no rollecnahC 9002/naJ/30 semiT ehT β€” Satoshi Nakamoto

May + June, 2019 - Dev Update

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. β€” Helen Keller

April, 2019 - Dev Update

RIP - 16 May, 2019 I hope it won’t become a habit that good tools are closing down 😒

March, 2019 - Dev Update

RIP Google Inbox - 31st March, 2019 The only tool that lastingly changed the way I do emails.

February, 2019 - Dev Update

The goal of bitcoin is to get lots of utxos, earning a high score. β€” The lit documentation

January, 2019 - Dev Update

New year, new resolutions.